About FYBS


What is FYBS?

FYBS is designed for elementary-aged kids as an educational toolkit for learning strategies to calm yourself, catch your feelings, and connect with others.
The FYBS strategies offer fun and easy ways to help kids (and grown-ups) experience lifts in emotions, feeling, or mood.
Using FYBS, kids explore different strategies to find those that work best to help them navigate different situations to feel their best!


What’s included in the FYBS toolkit?

FYBS has lots of tools to support learning each of the 12 strategies:

  • short videos showing three puppet kids as they navigate everyday issues and work through big feelings
  • strategy cards with simple words/pictures showing the steps in each strategy
  • reflection sheets so kids can journal about how the strategy worked for them
  • facilitator guide for educators
  • guide to puppet-making

Who can use FYBS?

Anyone can use FYBS!

FYBS was originally created for use in classrooms, such as during morning meetings. However, educators and community providers can adapt tools for use in small groups or with individual students.

Families will also find the FYBS videos, tip sheets, and strategy cards to be a fun way to talk about emotions and try out ways to feel your best self.

Watch our introductory webinar series!

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