The FYBS video series follows three puppet kids - Nico, CJ, & Mena - as they navigate everyday issues. By sharing the strategies they use to feel their best, the friends help each other work through big feelings and navigate problems. 

There are 13 videos: the first is an introduction to Feel Your Best Self. The remaining videos each share one strategy, which are organized within three themes. We suggest starting with Introduction: Feel Your Best Self. Then choose how to watch the strategy videos: start with the ones that look most interesting or watch them in sequence. It’s up to you!

Each strategy comes with a corresponding Strategy Card showing the steps as well as a Tip Sheet to apply it in your own life.

Have fun exploring Feel Your Best Self! And, if you are interested in learning about the making of the videos, check out our History page.


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Introducing Feel Your Best Self

Start here to get to know the FYBS friends and how they talk about their different feelings!


Intro: Feel Your Best Self

theme song image

Theme Song

Calm Your Self

Strategies teach self-soothing skills that can help children calm down when they are not feeling their best self.

belly breathing youtube thumbnail

Belly Breathing

Shake Out the Yuck Thumbnail

Shake Out the Yuck

Ground it Down Thumbnail

Ground it Down

Chillax in My Head Thumbnail

Chillax in My Head

Catch Your Feelings

Strategies promote self-awareness by helping children shift their thoughts to those that help them feel their best self.

Float Your Boat Thumbnail

Float Your Boat

Turn The Dial Thumbnail

Turn the Dial

Push the Clouds Thumbmail

Push the Clouds

Smell the Roses Thumbnail

Smell the Roses

Connect With Others

Strategies help children feel their best self through building supportive relationships and acts of kindness toward others.

Feel it Together Thumbnail

Feel it Together

Bring a High 5!

Bring a High 5!

Be a Kind Helper Thumbnail

Be a Kind Helper

3 Friendly Wishes Thumbnail

3 Friendly Wishes

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