Facilitator Toolkit

Welcome to the FYBS Toolkit!

We are excited that you've chosen to explore our toolkit materials! For more background and strategies to set up for success while using the toolkit, we recommend reviewing our Facilitator Guide Overview.

Under each video linked below, there are icons that allow you to download three different materials that correspond to each video:

Facilitator Steps - provides a step-by-step guide for introducing the video, checking for understanding, practicing the strategy, and associated activities you can complete. Download the full set of Facilitator Steps: English

Strategy Card - provides the steps involved in the strategy using words and images. Download the full set of 12 Strategy Cards:  English  |  Spanish

Reflection Sheet - allows children to reflect on their feelings after trying a strategy and when/how they might use a strategy. Download the full set of 12 Reflection Sheets: English | Spanish

Tip Sheet - a one-page guide to facilitate discussion after watching a video and practicing the strategy. Download the full set of 12 Tip Sheets: English | Spanish

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Introducing Feel Your Best Self

Start here to get to know the FYBS friends and how they talk about their different feelings!


Intro: Feel Your Best Self

Connect With Others
Puppet Building

Steps to Puppet Building

Creating your puppet-making kits
Puppet Workshop Part 1 - Puppet Building
Puppet Workshop Part 2 - Practicing Strategies
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